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Doing Business in Africa

We offer a range of bespoke services which are designed to reflect how our skillset and networks can support your needs. In the case of businesses/business people looking to invest in Africa, we have extensive experience globally and on the continent and a wide and varied network of contacts. It is important to note that no-one can “know” all Africa, but if we don’t know something we know people who do. Andrew Skipper is recognised as a leading figure in the African market in both business, legal and cultural sector and was awarded the MBE by the late HM the Queen in her Platinum Jubilee Honours list for services to UK trade especially in Africa. 

There are a number of areas where we can help:

  • Your presence in the African Market - successful business in Africa at a corporate and personal has to be based on respectful and deep relationships. We can help build a profile for you and the company on the ground and in key markets in and out of Africa ( which obviously depends on the business strategy you have). This goes beyond “market intelligence”, and can give you and your business an edge. It includes “where” to be seen,”what” to be involved in, and “how” to leverage it.

  • Your network in Africa - you need to build networks in Africa beyond the “presence” we have described. We can support active development and management of contacts. We are building (with experienced professionals from business and academia) a programme for developing and enhancing networks. This can be used by individuals or their business to give them an edge in the market.

  • Your Business in Africa - African business is complicated and analysing where and how to do business is critical. We are not an “analytical" consultancy but we have experience and know many of these well and can work with you to get the best results from them.

    • You will have a large number of people and businesses who are keen to help. Your choice will define your success. We have experience in getting and monitoring the right advisers, for example legal and PR advice, where we have an unrivalled network of senior contacts on the ground, and are building our own professional support function.

    • ​​We can also support your business as it grows or faces problems and we have unrivalled experience of dealing with serious crises alongside local advisers.

  • Your deals in Africa - there is a lot of cash looking for deals, but you need the right partners. We are not financial advisers but we can make introductions to like minded investors in your target sectors and countries either directly, through others or at bespoke events.


We are relationship based and want to build a trusted relationship with the people we work with. Our own networks are personal and it is very important for us to work with people who share our values and approach. We expect fair reward for what we do, and would base any arrangements on a combination of regular consulting fees and retainers and in the case of deals a fair commission based on results.

Legal Business in Africa

Through our understanding of the practice of law on the international stage and the requirements of the market in Africa we can help you design and implement a strategy which reflects both your ambitions and the reality of your own capabilities. This is relevant to ILF's looking to build or strengthen their business in Africa and local African firms wishing to enhance and grow their business locally and internationally.

In delivering on this promise we can review and advise your business on:


  • Market Overview

  • Your current position in the market

  • Where you want to be in the market

  • What you need to do to achieve it

  • How to achieve it

  • How to measure and review success

  • Training and Development - We can also train your teams to ensure they align with your aspirations and have the capability to delivering them.

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