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 Unlock the potential of your African Business with Polymetis Professional Solutions

About Polymetis

Our team, founded by ex-Chair of the Hogan Lovells Africa Practice Andrew Skipper MBE, have decades of practical experience in global business and law, with a particular focus on the African continent.


Our experience and extensive personal networks allow us to provide bespoke services for market entry, strategy, operations, training and deal sourcing. Although we focus on law, we work across all sectors, seeking to understand and build further appreciation and respect of the areas, people and cultures we work with.

Polymetis was founded by Andrew Skipper MBE, a leading legal and business adviser with more than 35 years international experience at the highest level. Having stepped down as the Chair of the Hogan Lovells Africa Practice (where he was a member of the International Management Committee and co-head of the global Corporate Practice Group), Andrew now focusses his time on:

  • supporting the UK government's Africa Investors Group (which he co-chaired until July 2022)

  • being a member of the External Advisory Board for next year's UK Africa Investment Summit

  • Vice Chairing the Council of the Royal Africa Society, the board of South Africa Chamber of Commerce in the UK and the working group on legal services for UK-Nigeria Economic Development Forum (EDF).


Andrew was awarded an MBE in the late HM the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Honours list for services to international trade especially in Africa and is passionate about African Culture and Art. He works to support these areas in in his role as Advisory Board Member of the Art Fair 1-54, as well recently serving as vice chair of the advisory board of Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.

What We Do

We have an unrivalled network, as well as in-house experience, that can work to find solutions to almost any problem. If you need help in coordination, planning, assembling the right team together or delivering results within your sector, and beyond, our team and network can help.

Business in Africa strategy and operations.

Africa is a critical and complex part of the global market, with demographic, geopolitical and economic factors driving engagement from international business and local African businesses alike. It is critical that businesses looking to invest and operate in Africa understand the market(s) and that African businesses seeking to develop their businesses outside Africa or in partnership with International firms in Africa are properly prepared. We can help you set up, maintain and enhance your business and have a network which can support your development in the future.

Legal Business in Africa

Operating an international law firm (ILF) in Africa or working to develop your local African business in collaboration or alongside ILF's is challenging and you have to make sure you adopt the right approach, or you will fail. We have enormous experience of growing a practice and a brand underpinned by respect and understanding, which can make the difference. We also have a network of senior legal contacts across the continent as well as experienced professionals who can support development (eg PR, marketing and business development)


Training and Development + Networks 


Training is critical to delivering a successful business and successful and happy teams. This includes gaining an understanding of the importance of building personal and business networks and learning how to maintain and use them effectively.  It applies to all levels of experience across business and the law and applies to both internal and external relationships. We can deliver bespoke training in person or online.


We walk the talk.

We walk the talk…..our experience and wide network mean that we are engaged in a wide range of high profile (but confidential) activities including:

Government advisory - we have advised governments in their relations with the UK, and supported a number of UK based initiatives to promote UK business, especially in Africa.


Business- we have used our business and governmental networks to support the UK and international development of a leading global software solution. We have worked with young and start up businesses to support and deliver investment in innovative solutions

Training - we have given bespoke training to a leading global law firm’s African cohort in networking and law firm strategy and development.

Crisis/Risk/Governance - we have supported a leading charity and a leading business organisation in developing robust governance, managing internal conflict and delivering clear and robust strategies in the face of a challenging regulatory environment and sensitive internal and external crises.

Networks - we continue to grow promote our own network for the benefit of clients and others, and have developed our team extensively for teh benefit of clients.

How we operate and our charges


We are a relationship based organisation and want to build trusted and long-term relationships with the people and partners we work with.

Our own networks are personal and it is very important for us to work with people who share our values and approach. We expect fair reward for what we do, and would base any arrangements on a combination of regular consulting fees and retainers and in the case of deals a fair commission based on results. Click for our Terms of Business.

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