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Training and Development (including the effective use of Networks)

Polymetis Professional Solutions delivers a range of support for business lawyers in a global market place, based on lengthy personal experience of diverse teams, structures and geographies. Andrew Skipper , who leads the team, has  global  experience in supporting the development of lawyers through to partnership and beyond, with a track record of supporting excellence and diversity most recently in Africa. In his most recent role he led the Africa Practice of a major global practice, taking its corporate and his own personal brand to new levels, developing corporate and personal networks throughout the continent and aligning this with a development strategy  based on building the capacity of local teams to engage in partnership with a global practice.

In building the careers of practitioners in Africa, there are range of areas where support is needed beyond pure legal skill. This has to be reflective of specific issues on the continent and bespoke to the relevant business having regard to its strategic aims and the experience and needs of the individuals.

Some background factors and drivers for successful engagement and development of individuals will include:

  • Strategy - early on you need to be able to understand, influence and work towards clear strategic goals within your business and to maximise your personal development. There are a number of factors in developing an Africa Practice which are distinct from those elsewhere in the world (eg personal relationships, understanding a variety of culture and behaviours, and an emphasised need for respect in a diverse local context)

  • Understanding the Business

  • Legal Excellence - none of the development into being  a partner is of use unless you maintain your excellence as a legal practitioner.

  • Brand - building a personal brand which aligns with the corporate brand but is distinct from it is critical to success.

  • Networks - a key part of a personal and corporate brand is building and maintaining your network, and is a whole course on its own.

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